What they were wearing at New York Fashion Week and Lollapalooza 2013

Desigual.NYFW.2013 Desigual.NYFW.2013.3 Desigual-at-the-New-York-Fashion-Week.2013Here are some pix from WWD showing what people were wearing at New York Fashion Week, where Barcelona-based  Desigual unveiled its latest styles for 2014 on Thursday Sept. 5:

Annie.Lennox.daughter.&.Simon.LeBon.daughterThe Desigual catwalk featured Tali Lennox, daughter of Annie Lennox, and Amber Le Bon, daughter of Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran. (Click on photo to the left.)

NY.fashion.week.2013.photo.by.WWD.1 NY.fashion.week.2013.photo.by.WWD.2 NY.fashion.week.2013.photo.by.WWD.3   NY.fashion.week.2013.photo.by.WWD.6

NYFW.desigual.t.2013.Photo.by.Thomas Iannacconenyfw.2013.7 nyfw.2013.6 nyfw.2013.8 nyfw.2013.5 NYFW.2013.4Below are more WWD photos from this year’s Lollapolooza music festival. …Today’s music is by NY.fashion.week.2013.photo.by.WWD.5NY.fashion.week.2013.photo.by.WWD.4Canadian blues-grunge guitarist Jordan Cook, a lone wolf with a Rickenbacker guitar and kick drum from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, who goes by the name Reignwolf. He got rave reviews for his show at Lollapallooza this year. Here he is performing “Electric Love” solo, live in CBC Radio’s Studio Q:desigual.electric.love.coat.and.marilyn.top

…CBC host Jian Ghomeshi apparently got so excited that he joined Reignwolf on the drum kit for a jam session:

And here’s Reignwolf in the studio, recording Are You Satisfied?:

Here are the photos of what they were wearing at Lollapalooza:Lollapalooza.2013.1 Lollapalooza.2013.3 Lollapalooza.2013.5 Lollapalooza.2013.4 Lollapalooza.2013.6 Lollapalooza.2013.7 Lollapalooza.2013.9 Lollapalooza.2013.8 Lollapalooza.2013.10.Jaime.Murray Lollapalooza.2013.Diplo

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