Sleevey Wonders for sleeveless dresses/tops

Sleevey.Wonders.2Last year, Angel added a new product line to help you extend the wear of sleeveless and strapless dresses and tops: Sleevey Wonders. They’ve been very popular, and we’ve just received a new shipment.

They are a reversible slip that adds sleeves. It can also be turned around to cover cleavage if you have a dress with a plunging neckline and the evening’s attire calls for a more conservative or formal look.sleevey.wonders.flying

Sleevey.Wonders.photoSleevey Wonders allow you to wear your sleeveless summer dresses and tops all year round. They are made in the U.S. and come in a variety of styles and colours, from ivory half-sleeves to black-mesh, black-lace three-quarters sleeves and full fishnet sleeves.

Oprah Magazine had this to say about Sleevey Wonders:  “I’m crazy about Sleevey Wonders! Slip these ingenious pieces (available in 14 styles and an array of colors) under a sleeveless dress or top, and get instant stylish arm coverage.”

They also look great with some of the Desigual sleeveless dresses we have in stock:Desigual.NATALIA.$189.FW2014$189.FW2014 Desigual.woman.MARINA.dress.$134.fw2014 Desigual.LOLI.knitted.dress.FW2014 Desigual.CHEEVER.dress.$154.FW2014 Desigual.CHEEVER.DRESS.coloured.$154.fw2014

We have  the largest selection of Desigual  for men, women and kids on Canada’s West Coast. We ship worldwide.

Angel also carries Desigual shoes, scarves, belts, purses/bags, gloves and Desigual leggings. Desigual.logo.3.Desigual is based in Barcelona and produces 1,000 new designs each season. We can’t stock everything but if you see something we don’t have, we might be able to special order it in for you. We love happy customers! also specializes in custom hand-painted clothing. Call me at the store (604-681-0947) or email me: jackie

carrall&powell.1886 Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. Our store is on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, where Vancouver began.  The photo above shows what my store looked like in 1886.

Here’s Little Stevie Wonder in 1963 at 12 years old, following Marvin Gaye at the Motortown Revue (later shortened to Motown):

I first saw Stevie in Vancouver in 1965 when he was the opening act for The Rolling Stones. By then, he had polished his stage performance and sounded like this:

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