Angel handpainted shirts

Angel.monkey.businessAngel Vancouver specializes in custom hand-painted shirts. This is our 39th year in business. I have painted thousands of shirts over the years. The kids Monkey Business T-shirt to the left recently sold for $45. The photos below show a range of shirts that I’ve recently painted.

We also have some fabulous Angel kids shirts painted by Justine Brown.

If you’re looking for a custom hand-painted shirt, call me at the store (604-681-0947) or email me at

Handpainted Desigual jean jacket. I painted a customer’s horse on the front and back. She loved it.

We ship worldwide.Angel.flower.wheels.front Angel.flower.wheels.back angel.shirt8.jan.2014 angel.shirt7.jan.2014 angel.shirt7.back.jan.2014 angel.shirt5.jan.2014 angel.shirt4.jan.2014 angel.shirt2.jan.2014 angel.shirt.8.jan.2014 angel.shirt.3.jan.2014 Angel.shirt.January.2014 Angel.fruit.shirt.jan.2014 Angel.pigs.n.palm.trees.jan.2014


This is our neon sign. Justine Brown has reintroduced the old logo.

Click here to read about a shirt I painted for actress Dakota Fanning.Angel.shirt.Irish.girl2 Angel.fruit.shirt.Feb.2014 Angel.Frog.shirt.May.2015 Angel.Coyete.May.2015 Angel.Fox.image.May.2015 Angel.Deer.May2015 Angel.cats.shirt.nov.11.2013Baby lion sleeper by Angel Vancouver Heart.n.cherries2.july15.2013Lion.1 jackie.painting.may.2013Angel.wolf.shirt.1.may2013 the.real,cat' steven.tylerkids.giraffe.shirt kids.elephant.shirt

I recently painted this kids dragon shirt for a customer.

This is one of our recent custom-painted flower.shirtIMG_1200

Here's a custom-painted zebra shirt I recently did for a customer

teal.flowered.shirt heart.n.charries.shirtdaschund.back daschund.frontblacklab.shirt beagle.shirtIMG_1456


Angel.lion.shirt.2013Angel.lion.shirt.nov.2013Angel.giraffe.front.june2013 lion.5. lion.4.


4 Responses to Angel handpainted shirts

  1. fran rishworth says:

    jackie love all your art work very nice


  2. Diana says:

    I have bought 4 of your shirts for my daughter over the years the first being when she was just under a year. I am coming to Vancouver at the end of August and was wondering what it would cost to get a womens x- large shirt done with a forest seen with a river and a deer in it.


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