Desigual Fall-Winter 2022 Collection for Men

Angel received the first shipment earlier this month of the Desigual Fall-Winter 2022 collection for men, with more coming later this season. Here’s a sampling of what we have in stock so far:

Desigual FRANY WHEN-LOVE-COMES-TO-TOWN cotton shirt. $105.95. FW2022.
Desigual VIVIEN dancing figures cotton shirt. $125.95. FW2022 collection.
Desigual LLUIS wolves cotton shirt. $125.95. FW2022 collection.
Desigual EMIL plaid patchwork denim cotton shirt. $169.95. FW2022.
Desigual FLOWER bomber jacket. $309,95. FW2022 collection.
Desigual BERNARD padded patchwork jacket. Recycled polyester. $359.95. FW2022.
COMING SOON: Desigual OVERSIZE WORDS (“Save Nature”, “Be Different”) cotton T-shirt. $85.95. FW2022.
COMING SOON: Desigual MUSIC NEWSPAPERS cotton shirt. $149.95. FW2022.
The Fall 2022 collection uses sustainable cotton, recycled polyester and has been upcycling denim since 1984.


Since the first Desigual T-shirt shown here has “When Love Come to Town” printed on it, here’s the song of the same name, written by U2 for master bluesman B.B. King:

U2 wrote this song for bluesman B.B. King

Here’s a bit of the backstory of the first time B.B. King played the song, which was later recorded at the Sun Records studio in Memphis, the birthplace of modern rock. It was where Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins recorded their first records.

And here’s B.B. King performing the song without U2 on a TV show called Live By Request:

One of the world’s greatest modern songwriters, Lamont Dozier, died last month. He was first paid $25 a week to write songs for the then-fledgling Tamla-Motown record label. He teamed up with brothers Eddie and Brian Holland to form Holland-Dozier-Holland, one of the world’s most famous songwriting teams. They wrote 80 Top 40 hits, including 15 No. 1 hits for Motown, recorded by Martha & the Vandellas (Heat Wave and Jimmy Mack) the Four Tops (Bernadette, I Can’t Help Myself, Reach Out I’ll Be There), the Supremes (You Can’t Hurry Love, Baby Love, You Keep Me Hangin’ On and Stop! In the Name of Love) and former Motown drummer turned singer Marvin Gaye (How to Sweet It Is – To Be Loved By You – recorded in one take!). I grew up on this music and writers never get the credit they deserve. If you listen to the opening of this Supremes song you’ll hear this swelling Hammond B3 organ intro played by a Vancouver musician, Robbie King, who was a member of Vancouver’s Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers, the only Vancouver band ever signed to Motown. This song, Does Your Mama Know About Me, was written by Vancouver guitarist Tommy Chong, who was dating a blond girl in 1967 and he was Chinese; he had the foresight to question if her parents would accept a bi-racial relationship. The band’s singer, Bobby Taylor, discovered Michael Jackson when the brothers, known as the Jackson Five, opened for the Vancouver band in Indiana. Bobby Taylor phoned Berry Gordy and told him he needed to bring this band in for an audition. Taylor produced the Jackson Five first two hit singles: ABC and I Want You Back. My parents lived beside Michael Jackson and his family in Los Angeles during the Jackson Five days.

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Desigual Fall 2022 Collection for Women

The theme for Fall is MANIFESTO, a call to arms for living life today. What’s your manifesto?

Manifesto Desigual Fall 2022 collection
Manifesto: Desigual Fall 2022 collection.
Manifesto Desigual Fall 2022 collection
The Desigual Manifesto celebrates life today, in all its variations – Desigual Fall 2022 collection.

The first three shipments of the Desigual Fall 2022 collection for women have arrived at Angel. And we also have new Desigual for Men that arrived Sept. 8 (we’ll have a new post soon of the men’s).

This season’s theme is MANIFESTO, celebrating life and the individual ways we experience it each day: Laughing, running, smiling. touching, dreaming, failing, screaming, playing, inventing, seducing, sleeping, and then waking up to do it all over again.

Here is a sample of the new Fall 2022 collection for women at Angel, Vancouver’s only Desigual Wow Shop boutique. We also offer private shopping by appointment. Call 604-681-0947.

All prices in Canadian dollars.We start below with coats, then dresses, tops, shoes & bags for Fall:

Desigual NORWEY fake-fur oversize coat with hoodie. $425.95. Fall 2022 collection.
Desigual ESTOCOLMO short padded yellow coat. Made in Burma. $295.95. FW2022.
Desiguall FLUOR fleece jacket, tutti frutti colours. $329.95. FW2022.
Desigual PADDED VINTAGE short silver puffer coat with subtle mountain forest print. It’s waterproof. Made in Burma. $309.95. Fall-Winter 2022 collection.
Desigual JIMAN detachable sleeve padded jacket. Made in Burma. $295.95. FW2022. Also comes in gold.
Desigual HUNGRIA yellow crochet overcoat. Made in Turkey. $375.95. FW2022.
Desigual LONDON blue double-breasted wool coat. $359. FW2022.
Desigual DEV woven overcoat. Made in Turkey. $425.95. FW2022. The model is wearing the black-and-white Desigual boots by Christian Lacroix, which are expected to arrive next week.
Desigual PADDED UPPSALA coat with hood & detachable sleeves. $359.95. Made in Burma. FW2022.
Desigual PADDED KIRKENES short irridescent waterproof jacket with hood. $309.95. FW2022
Desigual CLEVELAND faux-leather red coat. $269.95. FW2022.
Desigual TULSA oversized biker vest. $295.95. FW2022.
Desigual MICKEY MOUSE PATCH denim jacket. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual MICKEY MOUSE denim backpack designed by Christian Lacroix. $205.95. FW2022
Desigual MICKEY MOUSE high-waist faded wash denim jeans. $269.95. FW2022.
Desigual MONSIEUR MICKEY leather & denim jacket. $525.95. FW2022. Out of stock. We can order more.
Desigual LOS ANGELES denim jacket with metallic gold. $309.95. FW2022.
Desigual LAS VEGAS orange faux suede jacket. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual KIEVER Fall plaid wool jacket with fringe. $309.95. FW2922.
Desigual DORA cotton denim and tartan midi skirt. Made in Turkey. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual OKLAHOMA denim jacket. $205.95. FW2022. Matching denim jeans shown below.
Desigual ABSTRACT zip poncho with fringe. $169.95. FW2022.
Desigual URBAN PLAID (Red Check Milan) poncho and orange backpack, FW2022.
COMING SOON: Desigual orange coat and leggings by Christian Lacroix. FW2022,
New: Desigual VINYL jacket and matching mini skirt. FW2022.
Desigual NORUEGA long padded coat with faux-fur lined hood. Recycled polyester. FW2022.
Desigual by Christian Lacroix, Fall-Winter 2022 collection.
Desigual by Christian Lacroix, Fall-Winter 2022 collection.
Desigual UNIVERSE rib-knit dress by Christian Lacroix. $269.95. FW2022.
Desigual CAMERON long woolen vest by Christian Lacroix. $355.95. FW2022.
Desigual ODYSSEY long viscose dress by Christian Lacroix. Made in Morocco. $269.95. FW2022.
Desigual SEA layered dress by Christian Lacroix, $205.95. Made in Morocco. FW2022.
Desigual DAPHNE short layered tunic dress by Christian Lacroix. Made in Morocco. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual GROOVE tulle tapestry shirt by Christian Lacroix. $125.95. FW2022.
Desigual PRUE tulle art T-shirt. Made in Morocco. $125.95. FW2022.
Desigual ELSA tartan dress with fringe. Made in Turkey. $269.95. FW2022.
Desigual WILD TIGER short viscose dress (yes, it’s a jaguar print). Made in Morocco. $189.95. FW2022.
Desigual WILD TIGER long-sleeve cotton hoodie sweatshirt dress. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual STAMP short cotton dress with badge print. $189.95. FW2022.
Desigual FEST black velvet dress with embroidery. $329.95. FW2022.
Desigual SAINT LOUIS long-sleeve viscose dress. $295.95. FW2022.
Desigual MARIAN short black viscose dress. $169.95. FW2022.
Desigual KHAN plaid cotton midi dress. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual FLUIDOS cotton overall pants. $269.95. FW2022.
Desigual FLUIDOS viscose cargo pant with psychedelic camouflage print. $189.95. FW2022. Angel also has the sweater shown here.
Desigual HOLLY psychedelic camouflage cotton jacket. FW2022 collection. $309.95. FW2022.
Desigual TOPO flared cotton pants. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual ALEJANDRA straight cropped denim jeans with green stripe & embroidery. Made in Morocco. $189.95. FW2022.
Desigual HELLO PINK PANTHER T-shirt. Made in Portugal. $105.95. FW2022.
Desigual TULLE PINK PANTHER long-sleeve T-shirt. Made in Morocco. $125.95. FW2022.
Desigual PINK PANTHER fuzzy thick-gauge sweater. $269.95. FW2022.
Desigual TWEETY plush yellow sweater. $189.95. FW2022.
Desigual MIA thick-gauge fur-effect sweater. Tutti-frutti colour. $189.95. FW2022.
Desigual HELLENE chunky knit “Life Is Awesome” sweater. $189.95. FW2022.
Desigual BOURBOUNG tartan patchwork sweatshirt. $269.95. FW2022.
Desigual EMMA Save Nature sweatshirt. $149.95. FW2022.
Desigual SPICE thin-gauge sweater by Christian Lacroix. $149.95. FW2022.
Desigual SAM cotton shirt. $149.95. FW2022.
Desigual LIAN cotton striped shirt with bling & badges. $189.95. FW2022.
Desigual FLORENCE medium-dark denim miniskirt with asymmetrical fly. $169.95. FW2022.
Desigual DUNA camouflage cotton mini skirt. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual TRAVEL PATCH denim high-top sneakers / running shoes. $205.95. FW2022.
Desigual EMBROIDERED HEART high-top running shoes / sneakers. Cotton upper and rubber soles. $189.95.
Desigual CRUSH YETI sneaker boot. Plaid with fake fur. $309.95. FW2022.
Desigual MARAMETRIC CALPE cross-body bag. $125.95. FW2022.