Cool gifts for Father’s Day — 10% off

We have some cool T-shirts, shirts, shorts, sports jackets and sweaters for Father’s Day, which is on Sunday June 15. And we’ll take 10% off all Desigual men’s wear until then. Below are some of the items from Desigual’s men’s collection this season. You can also see the full men’s collection for Summer 2014 we have in stock by clicking$89.SS2014 Desigual.Daniel.shirt$229.SS2014.40E1921_5001$89.SS2014$89.ss2014$ Desigual-Sexpose-Shirt-41C1205 Desigual.Javi.shirt.$134 .&.Ontax.cotton.pants.$75$74.SS2014 Desigual.DEFEN.Tshirt.$89.SS2014$114.SS2014 Desigual.Toucan.Tshirt.lookbook.SS2014 Desigual.INICIAL.mens.shirt.$$124.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.Lion.mens.TS.$99.SS2014 Desigual.TS.AUTOPISTA.$ Desigual.Underground.Tshirt.grey Desigual.DANIEL.TS.$………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Desigual.logoAngel Vancouver has the largest selection in Vancouver of Desigual clothing for men, women and kids. We ship worldwide.

If you’re looking for a custom hand-painted shirt, call Angel @ (604) 681-0947 or email Angel.parrots.april.2014

Angel.cats.shirt.nov.11.2013Angel.lion.shirt.nov.2013 carrall&powell.1886Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. Our store is on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, which is where Vancouver began.  The photo above shows what my store looked like in 1886.

The slogan of the Bacelona-based Desigual is La Vida es Chula (Life is Cool)! Desigual explains: “The slogan reflects Desigual’s way of thinking that is inevitably influenced by the Mediterranean, the sun, light, passion and a lust for life. A philosophy of life that reflects a way of dressing: fun, fresh, original and always instilled with a happy, playful and creative attitude. Be confident, don’t be afraid to be yourself.”

Today’s video is from 1965, the first TV appearance of Jimi Hendrix on the Night Train show, which was recorded in Nashville, with the duo Buddy & Stacy. Jimi is the guitarist on the far left (he starts out playing right-handed, then switches to left-handed playing). The band is the Upsetters, which was Little Richard‘s backup band:A year earlier, Jimi had recorded this song while playing guitar with the Isley Brothers. Jimi had strong ties to Vancouver, Canada. His father, Al, was from Vancouver but moved to Seattle at age 22. Jimi would often spend summers in Vancouver with his paternal grandmother, Nora, who worked as a cook at a soulfood restaurant called Vie’s Chicken & Steaks. It was on Union Street, where the Jimi Hendrix Shrine is today. In the 1960s, Jimi called himself Jimmy James and used to go to a Vancouver nightclub to see Tommy Chong (later of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong) and his band. To get attention, Chong’s band called themselves Four Niggers & A Chink. It certainly got the attention of  two members of the Supremes, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard, who dropped by after a show one night to hear the band at Chong’s nightclub, the Elegant Parlour (downstairs from the Retinal Circus). They brought Diana Ross down the next night. She immediately phoned Motown Records owner Berry Gordy, who signed the band in 1967 — the only Vancouver band ever signed to the Gordy/Motown label. Berry Gordy, of course, demanded a name change, so they settled on Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers, which released this hit, Does Your Mama Know About Me:The song was written by Tommy Chong and Tom Baird, who became a Motown songwriter, composer and record producer. Here’s another of the Vancouver band’s songs, Malinda:When Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers played a concert in Chicago in 1968, the band was impressed by the opening act: the Jackson 5. Bobby Taylor took the young brothers to Detroit to audition for Motown. Berry Gordy was also impressed, signing the group to the label. Bobby Taylor produced the first Jackson 5 records:Before recording their first single, Gordy moved the Jackson family to Los Angeles. They moved in next door to my parents, Jack & Holly Haliburton. My mother, who died last year at age 95, always spoke fondly of Michael Jackson, recalling he was a polite kid who was always dancing and jumping around. Before Holly died, we played her this Michael Jackson song, Smile, which was written by Charlie Chaplin:

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Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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    Hey, I am interested in the “Mana” t-shirt (woman’s) but I didn’t see any place on the website to order it. How do I go about doing that? Thanks, Mary “Sunny” Shuping


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