Pre-Christmas sale — Desigual for kids now 20% off have Desigual kids clothes on sale until Christmas at 20% off for parents, aunts and uncles looking for fun, colourful gifts for little ones. We have some cool kids coats for winter, as well as jean jackets, denim jeans, lots of tops, T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. We also carry Desigual for babies and even have a few Desigual T-shirts with Disney images (Mickey Mouse, etc.). Here’s what we have in stock (hover over image to see prices)$54.FW2014$49.FW2014$54.FW2014$49.FW2014$49.fw2014$79.FW2014$64.FW2014$90.FW2014$80.FW2014$150.FW2014$150$85.FW2014$36$48.FW2014$52.FW2014$52.FW2014$110.fw2014$89.FW2014$89.FW2014$64.FW2014$74.FW2014$104.FW2014 Desigual.Felix.dino.Tshirt.FW2014

Desigual JUPITER hoodie sweatshirt for kids with camouflage pattern.

Desigual JUPITER hoodie sweatshirt for kids with camouflage pattern. $124. Desigual.Suri.Cruise Desigual.Disney. Desigual.Disney.PLATINO.$64.FW2014 heart_beating_on$74.FW2014 Desigual.Bá$74.FW2014……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Angel Vancouver has the largest selection of Desigual  for men, women and kids on Canada’s West Coast. We ship worldwide.

We also carry Desigual shoes, rain boots and ankle boots, scarves, belts, purses/bags, woollen winter hats, gloves,  leggings, tights and Desigual umbrellas.

If you buy $150 worth of Desigual, we’ll give you a free Desigual Desigual.coolest.looks.FW2014 Desigual.AMBROSIO.shirt.$134.FW2014 Desigual.Roxana.$314.FallWinter2014 DesigualMYSTERIOUS.NIGHT.coat.FW2014 Desigual.EUROPA.$154.FW2014.


Desigual.logo.3.Desigual produces 1,000 new designs every season. We can’t stock everything but if you see something we don’t have, we might be able to special order it in for you. We love happy customers! also specializes in custom hand-painted clothing. I’m now taking orders for Christmas. Call me at the store (604-681-0947) or email me at

carrall&powell.1886Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. Our store is on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, where Vancouver began.  The photo above shows what my store looked like in 1886.

Today’s music video is September Fields by Vancouver singer-songwriter Frazey Ford, formerly with the Be Good Tanyas. Here she gets soulful with the Hi Rhythm section of Al Green‘s band:Green, a soul singer legend, was honoured this week by U.S. President Barack Obama and other dignitaries at the Kennedy Centre. The next night, Green performed live on David Letterman‘s show:And here’s Obama singing the opening line of Al Green’s most famous tune:

About angelvancouver

Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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