NY Fashion Week preview of Desigual Fall-Winter 2015 collection

NY.Fashion.Week.FW2015On Thursday Feb. 12, 2015, Barcelona-based Desigual unveiled some of its Fall-Winter 2015 collection at New York Fashion Week. The NYC catwalk featured the styles by Christian Lacroix, the Paris couturier who designs about 10% of Desigual’s line. The fall 2015 collection is called Yes. This season is called: Say Something Nice.

Here is a video showing the highlights of the New York show, which features Winnie Harlow, Desigual’s new brand ambassador (last year it was Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima):Also, here’s a sneak peak video of Desigual’s Fall-Winter 2015 collection for women, recently unveiled at Fashion Week in Madrid, with photos below:

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And here’s a sneak peak video of Desigual’s Fall-Winter 2015 collection for men recently unveiled in Barcelona, with photos below:

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Winnie.Harlow.2015 Desigual.Winnie.scarfThis is another new Desigual video featuring Winnie Harlow, the inspirational Canadian model with a rare skin condition called vitiligo; having  just turned 20, she is Desigual’s new brand ambassador for the Spring-Summer 2015 collection:Winnie.Harlow.Desigual.brand.ambassador.2015And here’s another new video showing Harlow modeling some of the Spring-Summer collection:

Although the video above from the NYC show doesn’t show it, the first song played at the Desigual fashion show in New York on Feb. 12, 2015, was Hideaway by Canadian singer Kiesza:Angel Vancouver has the largest selection of Desigual for men, women and kids on Canada’s West Coast. Angel also specializes in hand-painted one-of-a-kind clothing. We ship worldwide.

This week, you’ll save up to 40% off the Desigual winter collection from 2014. We also have 25% off made in Spain Desigual shoes and boots, 30% off Desigual rain boots, and have only a few remaining Desigual umbrellas.

Angel also has new Desigual shoes, skirts, dresses and tops for women for spring, as well as new Desigual shirts, T-shirts and jeans for men.

Desigual’s motto is La Vida es Chula (Spanish translation: Life is Cool!):LaVidaesChula

Today’s video is from last Sunday’s Grammy Awards, with comedian/writer/actor Kristen Wiig ( (Saturday Night Live, Bridesmaids) and 12-year-old dancer Maddy Ziegler in a live performance of Chandelier by Australia singer Sia (she faced the wall during the dance-off):Here’s Sia’s original video for the song:Here’s the lyrcis video:And here’s one of the song’s more bizarre covers by the six-foot-eight Puddles the Sad Clown (why does he keep fondling his furry buttons?!):By the way, New York Art Nerd writer Lori Zimmer wrote Tuesday that she felt the stage set for the Sia-Wiig-Ziegler performance was inspired by Vancouver photographer Jeff Wall‘s photograph After “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, the Prologue. The photo was a cinematic interpretation of the 1952 award-winning novel, in which the main character, an unnamed narrator who is an African American man, lives secretly “in my hole in the basement [where] there are exactly 1,369 lights…powered by stolen electricity.”  You can compare Wall’s photo, created in 2000, with the Grammy set for Sia’s Chandelier:Jeff.Wall._Invisible-man-by-Ralp-Ellison-the-Prologue_1999-2000_transparencyinlightbox_174x2505cm_courtesytheartist_original The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

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