Desigual Spring-Summer 2014 for women at Angel Vancouver

Desigual.lacroix.optical.illusionAngel has just received its new shipment of Desigual’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection. There’s more to come in March, but here’s our new arrivals for women so far:Desigual.Adriana.Lima.SS2014 Desigual.lookbook.2.SS2014 Desigual.woman.dress.SS2014 Desigual.DANI.dress.SS2014.40V2068_2000 Desigual.woman.TS_DAY.SS2014.41T2524_5081 Desigual.woman.TS.MARISA.SS2014.41T2L16_2000 Desigual.woman.TS.MISI.Lacroix.SS2014.41T2L24_1006 Desigual.woman.TS.MISI.lacroix.SS2014.back.41T2L24 Desigual.woman.RESSAR.dress.SS2014.41V2109_2000 Desigual.woman.SUMMER.long.sleeve.shirt.SS2014.41C2200_8009 Desigual.woman.LEILA.raincoat.SS2014.41E2906_1015 Desigual.woman.LEILA.raincoat.back.41E2906_1015 Desigual.woman.TS.HEART.short.sleeve.grey.40T2630_2000,40T2630.3026 Desigual.woman.PARIS.dress.SS2014.40V2880_3001 Desigual.woman.OIA.knee.skirt.SS2014.41F2749_2000 Desigual.woman.RAILEY.dress.SS2014.41V2138_2000 Desigual.woman.RAILEY.dress.back.SS2014.41V2138_2000 Desigual.woman.MERYANE.cotton.dress.SS2014.40V2103_6002 Desigual.woman.REO.TOP.SS2014.41B2381_3026 Desigual.woman.FLOR.jacket.khaki.SS2014.41E2943_4003 Desigual.FLOR.jacket.back.SS2014.41E2943_4003 Desigual.woman.URALET.purple.SS2014.40V2148_5051 Desigual.women.SWEATshirt.AINA.SS2014.40S2588_5087 Desigual.woman.YOLANDA.dress.SS2014.41V2805_2000 Desigual.woman.YOLANDA.dress.back.SS2014.41V2805_2000 Desigual.woman.TS.DIME.ss2014.40T2529_2000 Desigual.woman.ELLENQ.dress.SS2014.41V2871_2000 Desigual.woman.RESSAR.dress.back.SS2014.41V2109_2000 Desigual.woman.knitted.blazer.AME_3.SS2014.41E2L09_3148 Desigual.woman.knitted.blazer.AME_3.back.SS2014.41E2L09_3148 Desigual.woman.KNIT 8.dress.Lacroix.SS2014.41V2L36_8009 Desigual.woman.KNIT.8.dress.Lacroix.back.SS2014.41V2L36_8009 Desigual.TS.BALI.Lacroix.SS2014.41T2L26_2000 Desigual.woman.BERNA.DRESS.SS2014.40V2890_2000 Desigual.woman.CLOTER.dress.white.SS2014.41V2838_1000 Desigual.PERLA.skirt.SS2014.40F2751_6100 Desigual.TS.MARGI.$134.SS2014 Desigual.NIGHT.sweater.$134.SpringSummer2014 Desigual.CAROL.dress.$174.Spring.Summer.2014$174.Spring.Summer.2014$254.and.matching.Lady.Blue.coat.$429 Desigual.Leila.light.raincoat.$229.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.EBRO.legging.$49.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.NANEN.leggings.$74.SS2014 Desigual.woman.knitted.jacket.CHAQ_3.SS2014.41E2L10_2000 Desigual.woman.MARIA.Tshirt.Lacroix.SS2014.41T2L17_2000 Desigual.woman.RUTH.pants.SS2014.41P2609_2000 Desigual.daisy.dress.SS2014

Desigual.TS.GROSELLA$114.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.ALACANT.BLACK.dress.$99.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.TS.CLYDE.$89.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.CLOTER.dress.$179.Spring.Summer.2014.$174.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.TS.BALI.$99.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.India.dress.$124.SS2014 Desigual.woman.FEBRERO.dress.SS2014.41V2031_2000 Desigual.woman.REO.TOP.SS2014.41B2381_3026 Desigual.Blus.Same.SS2014.40B2348_2000Desigual.MARISA.Tshirt.$104.Lacroix.spring.summer.2014$154.SS2014 Desigua;$99.SPRING.SUMMER.2014 Desigual.LAURALET.dress.$144.spring.summer.2014 Desigual.ABRIL.SKIRT.$89.sPRING.sUMMER.2014$124.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.RANDALL.sweater.$124.Spring.Summer.2014 Desigual.EVA.sweater.$134.Spring.Summer.2014.angelvancouver.comDesigual.LUXEMBURGO.dress.$114.Spring.Summer.2014Desigual.Barbara.blazer.white.SS2014.40E2904_1015 Karolina-Kurkova.front-row.Desigual-NYFWDesigual.woman.INDIA.dress.SS2014 Desigual.woman.SUZIE.knitted.dress.sleeveless.SS2014 here is a video showing how Desigual shoes are made with love in Spain:


Angel Vancouver has the largest selection in Vancouver of Desigual clothing for men, women and kids. We also have a good selection of Desigual scarves and leggings. We ship worldwide.

We have reduced prices of select Desigual winter 2013 items by 35%, and are offering 30% off all men’s Desigual winter jackets and sweaters.

If you’re looking for a custom hand-painted shirt, call Angel @ (604) 681-0947 or email Click here to read about a shirt I painted for actress Dakota Fanning and click here to see the outfit I painted for Steven Tyler of angel.shirt.3.jan.2014 angel.shirt9.jan.2014

Angel.cats.shirt.nov.11.2013Angel.lion.shirt.nov.2013 carrall&powell.1886

Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. Our store is on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, which is where Vancouver began.  The photo above shows what my store looked like in 1886.

Desigual’s slogan is La Vida es Chula (Life is Cool)!

Since the Winter Olympics are in full swing, here’s the Russian Army singing a Daft Punk cover song, Get Lucky:Here’s Daft Punk’s version:The guy in the video above playing the clear 1972 Fender Stratocaster guitar is Nile Rodgers, who has written, produced and recorded $2 billion worth of recordings over the years. He started out in the band Chic, which produced a string of disco hits, such as Le Freak, Good Times and I Want Your Love:Bernard Edwards (October 31, 1952 – April 18, 1996) was a bass player, singer, songwriter and record producer,and a co-founder of the funk/disco band Chic.  He died right after this concert.He also resurrected David Bowie’s career by arranging and producing his biggest-selling record of all time, Let’s Dance:Then he resurrected Diana Ross’ career with her hit Upside Down:He helped launch the career of Madonna with her Like a Virgin album:He did the same thing for INXS and their hit Original Sin:Nile Rodgers has come full circle, still producing great dance music, including Daft Punk’s Lose Yourself to Dance:Nile Rodgers was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010, which he wrote about on his blog — you can read it here.

About angelvancouver

Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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  1. Soleil says:

    Do you have the grosella coat in size 38? How much?



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