Desigual “BCN” T-shirt 35 percent off this week at Angel Vancouver

Desigual.BCN.Tshirt.CiudadanaWe’re offering 35 percent off this week on this Desigual T-shirt, called Ciudadana, which has the letters BCN on the front — the airport code for Barcelona.

Have a look at the close-up photos below, and you’ll see the letters contain images of some of Barcelona’s major sights and attractions: La Sagrada Familia,  La Boqueria Mercat  and Antoni Gaudí’s Park Guell.
The regular price of this shirt is $74. Now at 30 percent off, it’s $52 this week. It’s a cool shirt in a cool Mediterranean blue.

You can see more photos of Desigual for men below.

Our store also has one of the largest selections of Desigual clothing in the city for men, women and kids.

Click here to have a look at some of Desigual’s spring/summer 2013 collection we have in stock at Angel Vancouver.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we might be able to order it for you, then ship it to you. We ship worldwide.

Angel specializes in custom hand-painted shirts. Call me at (604) 681-0947 or email me at

Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. Our store is on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, which is where Vancouver began.

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And here is a video of one of my favourite spots in Barcelona: El Mercat de la Boqueria, the public market that dates back to 1200. It’s a great place to stop to have an espresso, served by Juanito at the Pinotxo Bar (Pinochio Bar), or a glass of cava and some tapas from a bar stool at one of the restaurant counters in the market. Or you can shop and sample the food as you go. For food lovers, this place is a dream.

Desigual.BCN.Tshirt.Ciudadana.outsideDesigual.BCN.Tshirt.Ciudadana.N Desigual.BCN.Tshirt.Ciudadana.C Desigual.BCN.Tshirt.Ciudadana.B Desigual.BCN.Tshirt.Ciudadana.outsideDesigual-Ibiza-Spot-Sex-fun-and-Love-Making-Of-25Desigual.zebra.Tshirt.$94 Desigual.paint.corale.shorts.$149 Desigual.Indigo.Tshirt.$94 Desigual.Daniel.shirt.$149 Desigual.dani.shorts.$149 Desigual.colour.blocks.Tshirt.$79 Desigual.Check.Painter.shorts.$89 Desigual.Bods.Tshirt.$94 Desigual.flower.Menufar.stripes.$149 Desigual.einstein.mens.shirt.31C1263_2000 Desigual.Menufar.stripes.31C1258_5066 desigual.einstein.jpg Desigual-Reunion-shirt-31C1243 Desigual-Pepito-shirt-31C1295 Desigual-Finito-shirt-35C1296 Desigual-Blai-shirt-31C1234 Desigual.DSGL.shirt. Desigual.Bombay.shirt

This Desigual "Mawu" polo shirt is available at Angel Vancouver ( We ship worldwide.

This Desigual “Mawu” polo shirt is available at Angel Vancouver ( We ship worldwide.

Desigual.Eric.tshirt.$79 Desigual.Cam.James.shirt.2.$109 desigual.mustang.shirt desigual.ludwig.coat Desigual.Faces.and.Lips.mens.shirt Desigual.Cam.Xavier.mens.shirt

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Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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