The last Gastown water tower (with Steve Earle, Cat Empire videos)

Gastown.water.tower2There used to be water towers on buildings throughout Gastown, but there’s only one left. It’s on the Koret building and the $1-million suite with the water tower roof deck is currently for sale.


This archival photo from the early 1900s shows the corner of Richards & Hastings in Vancouver. Click to enlarge the image to see the water towers on top of Gastown buildings at the upper left.

Gastown.water.towerBelow are some photos of a party inside a New York water tower, which looks pretty cool. You can only fit about a dozen people in the space, and the band has to perform on a little platform. The New York Times story is here about what is possibly the world’s tiniest nightclub.


20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-P5QV-jumbo 20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-ZIVJ-jumbo 20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-HFJL-jumbo 20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-RL3O-jumbo 20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-GU7I-jumbo 20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-UGJK-jumbo 20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-OT88-jumbo 20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-79MZ-jumbo 20130522_SPEAKEASY-slide-2ZEZ-jumboFurther down is a video by Steve Earle, singing Invisible from his new album, the Low Highway. New York water towers can be seen in the background during his rooftop performance…

Steve Earle is performing Saturday night (July 20) at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival with his band, The Dukes, and will be followed by The Cat Empire, a great jazz-reggae-ska-funk-latin-gypsy-hip-hop band from Australia that I first saw when they performed in Maple Tree Square in Gastown during the Vancouver jazz festival a few years ago. Say Hello to the Cat Empire:And if you see the Cat Empire, you’ll need Two Shoes for dancing:

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