Christian Lacroix coats on sale this week

Desigual.Solvent.coat.Lacroix.$594This week, we have some Desigual coats designed by Christian Lacroix on sale at Angel Vancouver, including the one to the left, called Solvent. The regular price was $594. We’ll knock off $100.

Desigual.Solvent.coat.Lacroix.$594Also on sale is this coat  designed by Lacroix for Desigual (below left). The regular price was $354. We’ll take off $54 to make it an even $300.

Below are some  other Lacroix that we have in stock.

Lacroix.coat.$354Vest.Canea.Lacroix Desigual.purse.Cuevana.byLacroix Desigual.parrot.front.Lacroix Desigual.Lacroix.bag Desigual.sweet.emotion.lacroix.jacket Desigual.Lacroix.Blue.Elektra.and.Sweet.Emotion Desigual.Lacroix.Sandy.dress.$134. Desigual.Demana.purse.Lacroix$104 Desigual.Arnav.sweater.Lacroix.$144 Desigual.Digan.sweater.Lacroix.$189 Desigual.Cam.Ynice.Lacroix.$174 Desigual.Ukssa,dress.Lacroix.$134 Desigual.Posthuman.Lacroix.coat.44.$439$134 Desigual.Lacroix.purse.Dos.$ Vancouver specializes in clothing by Desigual, which is based in Barcelona.

Click here to see some new men’s coats and long-sleeved shirts for fall:

Angel Vancouver has the largest selection of Desigual clothing in Vancouver for men, women and kids. Click here to have a look at some of Desigual’s spring/summer 2013 collection we still have in stock at our store.

Our 35 percent-off sale continues on select Desigual items to celebrate Angel’s 35th year in business.

Angel also specializes in custom hand-painted clothing.

carrall&powell.1886Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. Our store is on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, which is where Vancouver began.  The photo to the left shows what my store looked like in 1886.

Desigual’s slogan this season is La Vida es Chula (Life is Cool)!

Gastown.Shophop.fall.2013Our video today is Vancouver singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan singing Angel (we like the title):

About angelvancouver

Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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8 Responses to Christian Lacroix coats on sale this week

  1. You have a blue short Lacroix jacket on your site … is it still available and if so what size?


  2. This Lacroix jacket?
    It’s called Dina and is a black velvet coat. We have this one in two sizes: 44 and 46. It’s on sale for $300 (regular price is $354).


  3. Soleil says:

    Hi. Do you have a Blue Elektra or Posthuman or Electric Dreams ciat in 38 or 40?
    How much? How much to ship to the US?



  4. Roger Braun says:

    Hi i love this heartwarming colorfoll Desigual and handpainted precent. Thanks for shearing. My question. I realy was stunning of the Mens shirt thiw longslevs whiw flovers green theme and purple one sleev. Is it possible it stile on sale.please tell my if soo and i have Size L. I prisuate if you can give me the Shirts Desigual art. Nr i just looved this one. Im a man in the 40 from Sweden Best Regards Rodg. 🙂


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