Why did I wake up with this song in my head?

robgsteeleWhy did I wake up this morning with this song in my head: You Could Have Been A Lady? It’s a 1971 hit by a Canadian band, April Wine. It’s not something I would normally listen to. Yet it was playing in my head when I woke up. Why? I blame this man, to the left.

His name is Rob G. Steele. He’s the president and CEO of Newcap Radio (Newcap stands for Newfoundland Capital Corporation), the new owner of what used to be Shore FM at 104.3 on your radio dial in Vancouver. Shore used to play a broad range of music, including local bands and new hits. Last Friday, the station re-branded itself as LG104.3 and is playing “classic hits” from the 1970s and ’80s, including that earworm April Wine song.

LG1043_LogoI miss Shore, which supported the local music scene. Earlier this month, it named Vancouver band The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer the Best in BC for its new song Tea For Two. LG104.3 promises to continue promoting local bands. But we’ll see.

As a native Vancouverite, I grew up listening to the boss jocks on CKLG AM and then its FM sister station, LG FM, which in the 1960s was the first “underground” radio station in Canada. Maybe Newcap is trying to cash in on the cachet of the LG name from that era. But it has lost a bunch of its listeners with its new format, judging by the comments posted on this Vancouver Sun bog post by rock music critic/entertainment editor Francois Marchand.

Here’s a sampling of the online comments from The Sun:

  • Lisa Carver

    The loss of the Shore is a sad loss for Vancouver. The music was consistently great, the Shore supported local acts and the local music scene, and Coastal Blues was a treat to listen to in the evening. How sad it is that we are stuck with an unimaginative station playing canned hits that have been around forever and can be found on several other stations in this market, not to mention satellite radio – or our own CD, cassette, and record collections. This is a prime example of the originality we are losing with media convergence. This is cheap and uninspired. Bring back the Shore.
    Dan Green · Vancouver, British Columbia

    Wow how sad is that, took forever to get a decent rock station in this town and now this.
    Radio Baraka on the web is where it’s at if you appreciate eclectic sounds.
    • Janice Pin · University of Victoria

      Well said Dan! I won’t listen to Shore anymore…
  • David Graham

    Even though I’m likely part of the targeted audience for this new station, I find there is no compelling reason to listen to this station since it sounds very close to where Fun FM left off – the same old music burnt to a crisp.
  • Dan Glover

    you just lost me as a listener. Same old crap
  • Bruce Meagher · British Columbia Institute of Technology

    the new station is just crap
  • Keith Roane

    Yeah, my girlfriend and I are gone, too! When The Shore came on air, we thought, “Finally, Vancouver has grown up!” But, sadly, I guess it hasn’t. (Putting my thumb back in my mouth) It’s all corporate, folks. Hip hop, or the oldies. That’s it…that’s all…there’s nothing else happening in the world of music. Baaaaahhhhh! Well, at least, it seems as though they’re maintaining the evening blues music…for now.
  • Diane Lawrence · Staffing Department, RMH at Fraser Health Authority

    Are you kidding?! I was enjoying Shore so much! It was a station that didn’t constantly play hits from my 20s, one that played newer music I could enjoy! A radio station that didn’t OD on hip-hop or hard rock or love songs. I may enjoy each of those genres in the right time and place, but the radio is not one of those times or places, so Shore was perfect for my commute or while working in the kitchen. Shore was different, refreshing and I found my radio “home”. Now like others have said…same old crap! How could the radio geniuses get this so wrong? I don’t see any posts here congratulating the change in format, and I’m not surprised in the least.
  • Angela Bridge

    Who’s terrible ideas was this? I was pretty disappointed to turn on my station to hear oldies. I won’t be li
  • Michele d’Eon

    What a shame Vancouver can’t keep a descent adult alternative station. I won’t be listening to LG it’s lame and dated.
  • Don Robinson · Richmond, British Columbia

    Now it just sounds like the other FM stations I don’t listen to.
  • Lois Turner

    Oh darn. I just found the Shore and I loved it… not interested in re-hashing the oldies!!
  • Wayne Anderson · BCIT


NewCap, which already owns 95 radio station licences across Canada, including 43 in British Columbia and Alberta, also bought another two Vancouver radio stations in March:

CKZZ-internal-external-logo-lrg (2)

Vancouver is a great city. Too bad we don’t have a great radio station. You can write to LG104.3’s general manager at spierce@newcap.ca or leave comments at the bottom.


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Today’s music video is Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles:This was the first video to air on MTV when it began broadcasting in the U.S. at midnight on Aug. 1, 1981. Here’s a recent song you won’t hear on LG104.3 — Stay With Me by Sam Smith featuring Mary J. Blige:Or this one by Vancouver duo The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, which will play the Commodore Ballroom on Nov. 8:

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