Desigual’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection has arrived at Angel

Desigual.Spring.collection.launch.SS16The first shipment of our Desigual Spring-Summer 2016 collection has arrived at Angel, including a dozen new designs by Paris couturier Christian Lacroix.

We’ll be showing you more of the Desigual Spring 2016 collection in the days ahead. Below is a sample of our new arrivals from Desigual:


Desigual BYE shirt for women from the Spring-Summer 2016 collection.

Desigual CAMARAS shirt for men. $105.95. Spring-Summer 2016 collection.


Angel has this MOJITO necklace ($95.95) and a dozen more. Spring-Summer 2016.

Our clearance sale of Desigual’s Winter 2015 collection for men, women and kids continues at Angel, with up to 40% off, including Desigual winter sweaters, coats, knitted hats and gloves. We also have Desigual umbrellas for the rainy weather.


We have a dozen new shoe styles, including sandals and rain boots, from the Spring-Summer 2016 collection. 58T3DB2_2042

We have Star Wars T-shirts by Desigual for Spring-Summer 2016.

This kids vintage-style surfing T-shirt, called TOMAS, is $59.95.Spring-Summer 2016

Desigual T-shirt called Angel — cool name — is from the Spring-Summer 2016 collection. $59.95.

Angel has a huge selection of Desigual for kids.

Desigual kids dress from the Spring-Summer 2016 collection. now at Angel.

Desigual WARRIOR T-shirt, $79.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual JULIO cotton shirt. $105.95.


Desigual CAI shirt mixes plaids and denim. $129.95.


Desigual TROLE shirt. $105.95. Spring-Summer 2016$65.95.SS2016.61T14A4_1000

Desigual ION T-shirt. $65.95.$85.95.SS2016.61T14B6_8053

Desigual SUPER t-shirt. $85.95. Spring-Summer 2016.

Desigual-VARSOVIA KARLIE-bag.$85.95.SS2016.61X50N1_3005

Desigual VARSOVIA KARLIE bag. $85.95.           Spring-Summer 2016.

Desigual-LIMA WOODSTOCK-bag.$105.95.SS2016.61X50D9_4003

Desigual LIMA WOODSTOCK backpack.$105.95.


Desigual SPLATTER MADRID BAG. $109.95.


Desigual ROTTERDAM MARINE bag. $139.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual BANDOLERA AFRICAN-ART bag. $85.95. Spring-Summer 2016.

Desigual-ARGENTINA SILVANA-bag.$139.95.SS2016.61X52A4_3004

Desigual ARGENTINA SILVANA bag. $139.95.  Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual WORL shirt. $139.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual BYE shirt. $105.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual TS MIREIA. $65.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual TS EUCLIDES. $65.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual MYKONOS jacket. $155.95. Spring 2016.$155.95.SS2016.61P26E1_5000

Desigual MONO MENTA jumpsuit. $155.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual PANT MEDITERRANEO. $139.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual JUDITHH dress. $105.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual CRISTINA dress. $155.95. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual SEPTIEMBRE maxi dress. $155.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual AYA dress. $139.95. Spring-Summer 2016.$169.95.SS2016.61V2LA6_1000

Desigual STEF dress by Christian Lacroix. $169.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual FOULARD RECTANGLE BONDI. $49.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual TRIANGLE LINCOLN AVENUE scarf. $49.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual SQUARE MARINE scarf. $65.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual TRIANGULO BOHO AMAZONA scarf. $65.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual LOOK jean jacket blends old and new denim. $169.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


Desigual DALLAS shirt. $159.95. Spring-Summer 2016.


desigual-one-million-fansAngel is a Desigual Wow Shop —  the first Desigual boutique in Vancouver.

We have Desigual for men, women and kids — the largest selection of the latest Desigual on the west coast of Canada. Angel specializes in Desigual designed by Paris couturier Christian Lacroix.

Angel also has a 30% off sale on the other Spanish brands in stock: Smash!, Paramita & Compañía Fantástica.

We ship worldwide, including free shipping in Canada for purchases of $200.

Angel also offers personal shopping by appointment at our store. Call Angel at (604) 681-0947 or email me at

And finally, Angel specializes in custom hand-painted clothing, including a new batch of fabulous kids T-shirts painted by Justine Brown, who used to paint for Angel when the store was on Robson Street:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

carrall&powell.1886 Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. We are on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, where Vancouver began.  The photo above shows what the location of my store looked like in 1886 (click on photo to enlarge).

Today’s video is Mountain at My Gates by British group Foals:A live version of the song is here. Foals will be playing the Coachella music festival in April. This is Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At The Disco, which will play the Deer Lake Park Festival (in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby) this summer with Weezer:Also playing the Deer Lake Festival on May 28 will be Kurt Vile & the Violators, opening for Alabama Shakes:

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Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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