Desigual to keep you warm this week @ 20% to 40% off

Good news, Desigual fans: Everything is 20% to 40% off for our Winter Sale. And after our first snowfall of the year and a cold snap of sub-zero temperature, Angel has plenty to keep you warm — Desigual winter coats, including a down coat designed by Paris couturier Christian Lacroix, hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, socks and some cool denim jeans and boots for women. We also have sweaters and winter coats for men, plus some stylin’ shirts and blazers. Below is a sampling of what’s on sale. Stay tuned for our Boxing Day sale.


Desigual ALDARA thick knit cardigan sweater. $205.95.

Desigual.woman.2.FW2016 desigual-raquel-coat-525-95-fw2016-67e29q3

desigual-coat-jackie desigual-isabel-la-359-95-fw2016 desigual-isabella-coat-fw2016-67e20b4_4133 desigual-joel-cape-back-375-95-fw2016-67e20e9 desigual-joel-cape-375-95-fw2016-67e20e9 desigual-ariadna-sweater-179-95-fw2016-67j21m1 desigual-lilith-269-95-fw2016-67j20b8 desigual-falling-flowers-sweater-fw2016-67j21p9_4009 desigual-forever-sweater-fw2016-67j20b5_5000 desigual-sabadell-coat-425-95-fw2016 desigual-sabadell-425-95-fw2016-67e29r0 desigual-sabadell-coat-fallwinter2016-67e29r0_200067e29r0_2000 desigual-isa-cardigan-199-95 desigual-navy-sweater-189-95-fw2016-67j21k3 desigual-navy-sweater-back-189-95-fw2016-67j21k3 desigual-denim-fw2016 desigual-marsella-coat-295-95-fw2016-67e29t5 desigual-black25-coat-by-lacroix-205-95-fw2016 Desigual.CECI.jacket.FW2016.67E20F6 Desigual.EXOTIC.jeans.FW2016.67D26B4_5053 desigual-ethnic-carry-denim-jacket-155-95-fw2016-61e29n1 Desigual.ELODI.skirt.FW2016.67F27C2_3000 Desigual is a Barcelona-based fashion line known for its bold colours and design. Here’s what Christian Lacroix said about the first time he saw a woman wearing Desigual:

Desigual RACHAEL T-shirt. $149.95.

Desigual RACHAEL tunic T-shirt. $149.95.

“It was fantastic, truly love at first sight, a breath of fresh air, all multicoloured, scorching, revitalizing, radiating Mediterranean colours and flavours and creeping into this global and colourless magma inhabited by zombies and clones.”

Angel is  the first Desigual boutique in Vancouver. We have the largest selection of the newest Desigual on the west coast of Canada — we have Desigual for men, women & kids, including some great Desigual Star Wars hoodies for kids, a great Christmas gift.

We ship worldwide, with free shipping in Canada for purchases of $200 or more. We also offer personal shopping by appointment. Call (604) 681-0947.

Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. carrall&powell.1886We are on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, where Vancouver began.

Angel also specializes in handpainted clothing. I’m currently painting custom orders for Christmas. Most of our kids shirts are painted by Justine Brown (photos below).



And by the way, those little white dots floating down your screen are snowflakes.

desigual-rotterdam-pia-bag-$169.95-FW2016--67x50k6_5000 Desigual.Atypical.FW2016 desigual-joya4-shirt-149-95-fw2016-67c12b4 desigual-joya-shirt-fw2016-67c12b3_1000 desigual-re-denim-jeans-promo-205-95-fw2016-67d18a3_5008 desigual-rubens-jacket-205-95-fw2016-67e19b9_3183 desigual-cuadros-shirt-169-95-fw2016-67c12b5 desigual-corduroy-blazer-cotton295-fw2016-67e19f0 desigual-blazer-blazer-details-309-95-fw2016-67e19f1_5117 desigual-blazer-blazer-hangar-309-95-fw2016-67e19f1_5117 desigual-beetle-juice-shirt-125-95-fw2016-67c12c6 desigual-indihood-105-95-fw2016 desigual-sacha-back-85-95-fw2016-67t14e1_1000 desigual-skull-tshirt-99-95-fw2016-67t14b9_2042 desigual-man-contrast-garabat-tshirt-105-95-fw2016 desigual-elias-tshirt-fw2016-67t14e0_2042

Desigual VENICE T-shirt. $90. Fall-Winter 2015.

Desigual VENICE T-shirt. Was $90, now 40% off. Fall-Winter 2015. We have a clearance rack full of men’s Desigual T-shirts, shirts, blazers, coats & pants, all at 40% off.


Today’s music video is a jazzy version of The Christmas Song by Vancouver songstress Sarah McLachlan from her new Christmas album:

This is a 2009 song by Canadian soul singer Melanie Fiona, which samples Time of the Season from 1968 by the Zombies:

Late Show host James Cordon, during his most recent Carpool Karaoke, got Madonna to confess that she once necked with Michael Jackson:

Oh maybe that’s not the latest Carpool Karaoke. Here’s one from 2 days ago:


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Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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