Christian Lacroix and Desigual – a heavenly marriage from same tribe

Desigual.sweet.emotion.lacroix.jacketSome of the best Desigual designs this season were done in collaboration with French fashion designer Christian Lacroix. They are a heavenly mix of fabric, colour, pattern and design.

Desigual, the Barcelona-based fashion house, can’t use Lacroix’s name but refers to the styles he helped design by adding the tag “L” and attaching a stylized image of his face.

Here’s what Lacroix had to say when he first saw a woman wearing Desigual: “I was awestruck by the first girl dressed by Desigual that I saw in Paris. As I watched her, I could recognize in her a member of my own tribe. It was an explosion of colours and patchwork under the elegant, discreet and always monotonous French sky. It was fantastic, truly love at first sight, a breath of fresh air, all multicoloured, scorching, revitalizing, radiating Mediterranean colours and flavours and creeping into this global and colourless magma inhabited by zombies and clones.”

The photos below are a sampling of the designs by Mr. L for Desigual that are available at Angel Vancouver, which is located at No. 2 Powell in the historic Gastown district of Vancouver B.C. Canada. Call (604) 681-0947 or email me at


Desigual.Lacroix.Blue.Elektra.and.Sweet.EmotionDesigual.Lacroix.Sandy.dress.$134. Desigual.Lacroix.Tostada.Tshirt.$94 Desigual.Lones.sweater.Lacroix. desigual.32V2L05_2000.pili Desigual.Lacroix.pants,Edurne.32P2L03_7021 Desigual.Lacroix_estilo Desigual.Irina.Lacroix Desigual.Lacroix.dress.front

About angelvancouver

Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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