Dakota Fanning has a hand-painted Angel shirt with her horse on it

Dakota.Fanning.age11.wearing.Angel.shirtI painted Dakota Fanning a T-shirt with her horse on it when she was 11 years old. Here’s the thank-you letter she wrote to me:

“Dear Jackie. Thank you so much for making the fantastic shirt. I love that you painted Goldie on there for me…I hope to meet you one day. I am wearing my shirt right now. Thank you for all the time you put into it. Happy Holidays. Love, Dakota Fanning, age 11.”

I painted her horse on a T-shirt. It was named Goldie after Goldie Hawn, the wife of actor Kurt Russell. The horse was given to her by Russell after they worked together on the movie Dreamer, which is based on a true story about bringing a race horse with a broken leg back to form and winning races.

Dakota was such a  sweetheart then. Of course, after I painted a T-shirt for Dakota, her sister Elle, also a fine actress, wanted a shirt with Goldie painted on it too, so I painted one for Elle.

The sisters rode the horse all the time when they were that age.

Update March 2020: for Dakota’s 26th birthday, Elle posted this video on Instagram of the girls doing a funny dance routine, with Dakota wearing the shirt I painted for her: https://www.instagram.com/p/B86nHGXnAXZ/


That”s Dakota on the left and her sister Elle on the right. They are playing sisters for the first time in The Nightingsale, which will be released Christmas Day 2020.

Here is Oprah’s interview of co-stars Julie Roberts & Dakota when she was 12:

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Here is a video by Canadian singer Jenn Grant, singing Dreamer, the theme song for the CBC TV series Heartland, which is set in Alberta and features horses in storylines:

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2 Responses to Dakota Fanning has a hand-painted Angel shirt with her horse on it

  1. Ella says:

    Have you seen this video Elle Fanning posted? https://www.instagram.com/p/B86nHGXnAXZ/ Dakota Fanning is wearing the same Goldie t-shirt! Cool huh?!


    • That’s so cool to see Dakota wearing the shirt I painted for her. I also painted one for Elle. Wonder if they still have them? Love the video! Thanks for letting me know…Angel.


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