The Black Friday sale — 25% to 40% off all Desigual

desigual-kiss-fansAngel is having a Black Friday sale, with 25% to 40% off all Desigual, including clothing for men, women & kids. We also have Desigual shoes, boots and summer sandals, plus Desigual umbrellas, belts, men’s socks and underwear, and Desigual jewelry.

This is a weekend sale starting Friday Nov. 25, 2016, ending Sunday. Here’s a chance to stock up on Christmas gifts and get substantial savings. Angel will be open until 7 pm Friday night. desigual-woman-fall-winter-2016 desigual-raquel-coat-525-95-fw2016-67e29q3 desigual-raquel-coat-back-525-95-fw2016-67e29q3 desigual-sabadell-coat-fw2016-67e29r0_2000 desigual-sabadell-425-95-fw2016-67e29r0 desigual-ethnic-carry-denim-jacket-155-95-fw2016-61e29n1 desigual-ethnic-deluxe-jean-jacket-169-95-fw2016-57e20b1 desigual-denim-fw2016 desigual-joya-shirt-fw2016-67c12b3_1000 desigual-joya4-shirt-149-95-fw2016-67c12b4 desigual-corduroy-blazer-cotton295-fw2016-67e19f0 desigual-blazer-blazer-details-309-95-fw2016-67e19f1_5117 desigual-re-denim-jeans-promo-205-95-fw2016-67d18a3_5008 desigual-rubens-jacket-205-95-fw2016-67e19b9_3183

Angel is a Desigual Wow Shop —  the first Desigual boutique in Vancouver.

Angel has the largest selection of the newest Desigual on the west coast of Canada.

We ship worldwide, with free shipping in Canada for purchases of $200 or more.

Angel offers personal shopping by appointment. Call (604) 681-0947.

Angel Vancouver is located at No. 2 Powell Street in the Gastown district of Vancouver, Canada. carrall&powell.1886We are on the corner of Powell & Carrall Street in Maple Tree Square, where Vancouver began. The historic photo below shows what the location of my store looked like in 1886 (click on photo to enlarge).

Angel specializes in custom handpainted clothing. Our kids shirts are by Justine Brown, who lives in London England.

Today’s music video is You Get What You Give by the New Radicals:

And here is Spain’s Los Brovos performing their 1966 hit, Black is Black:

Here’s a version of the New Radicals song by 18-year-old Grace Grundy & Charming Horses: 



About angelvancouver

Angel is Vancouver's first Desigual boutique. We've been in business since 1978.
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